Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snickers Marathon: Smart Stuff Trail Mix Bar

This is the Snickers Marathon Smart Stuff Bar that I got grabby handed for in the previous post. Karma decided to teach me a lesson about being too impulsive (TM My Name Is Earl). Here's the problem: It's comprised of multigrain crisps, milk chocolate, dried cranberries, toasted oats, caramel, peanuts, soy protein crisps, dried blueberries and almonds. Blueberries + chocolate = a super perfumey flavor that masks all the other flavors. Really, just the cranberries alone would have been fine; there was actually only one tiny strip of cranberry in the entire Snickers Marathon Bar. Definitely not my cup of tea. So yes, Karma, I promise to have a little more self control next time I go shopping. 

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